J. Jay West • Hawaii Artist, Land and Seacape Abstracts

Artist Statement

• Artist Statement

 “As an artist my motivation is emotional, conveying my visions and feelings into physical works of art. As a maker, my motivation is challenging myself to explore non-traditional materials and develop new techniques. I’m passionate about protecting the environment; to that end, I transform my impressions of Hawaii’s environment into abstract land- and sea-scapes.


My newest body of work reflects an ocean/beach theme. For inspiration, I seek solitude at one of the many pristine sandy beaches that are near my studio. I recreate the energy and patterns of ocean waves with materials including recycled paper, glass, and eggshells.


In the process of transforming mundane objects into things of beauty and meaning, I’m captivated by the thrill and subtle twists of vision I am granted. I’m like an explorer on a path never before traveled where every new vista fills me with joy."



• Materials, Processes, and Thoughts

“I look for discarded materials in which I envision a new view of an old idea. Be it abstract in design or impressionistic, each piece is thought out carefully with the final intention planned at every stage of the way.

I collect used materials that interest me or for a particular piece, while at other times I collect items for future projects. I often have items in my inventory that I have kept for years. Eventually, these resources will come into my vision as elements restructured into an entirely new creation.”


  — Jay West

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